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A Simple Guide to Select a Good Camera

Many of my friends ask me to suggest a good digital camera and this post is to show you how “you” can select a good camera.

Questions you have to ask yourself before buying a camera :

  1. Price Range.
  2. Zoom
  3. Megapixel
  4. Form factor. Should it be a compact or an ultra-compact ?

Once you have these questions answered, this is how you select your camera.

Instead of going directly to bestbuy.com or pricegrabber.com, check out www.dpreview.com. Once you are there, click on “Buying Guide and then Features Search”

Select the features you want in your camera and click Compare. You would see a list of cameras which matches your criteria. dpreview also gives you a rating on the listed camera, so go for the one with highest rating.

Now you can go to pricegrabber.com and see which store has the best deal for this camera. Choose a store which is closer to you or the one which you know about. Purchase it online or go to the store and have a look and buy it from there. Simple !

Things to remember :

  • Megapixels doesn’t matter, unless you are blowing your picture to a larger print size.
  • Optical Zoom is what the real zoom is. Digital zoom just magnifies your picture. So always check the optical zoom.
  • The wide angle on a Digital Camera starts from 27mm or 28mm. But, most digital cameras start from 35mm or 36mm. So if you want to shoot wide pictures, go for a digital camera with 28mm.
  • Lens is the Eye of a camera. So when choosing your camera check the lens. Check for “Carl Zeiss” if its a Sony make or “Leica” if its a Panasonic Lumix. Both these lenses are top notch. The pictures are sharp and crisp with these lenses.
  • Select a camera which has “Image Stabilization”. It avoids the blurs in the picture.
  • Always go for a Lithium Battery. They last longer and are re-chargeable.
  • Go for a 2GB or a 4GB memory card. Its better to have bigger storage.
Happy Camera Shopping
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