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(¯`·._.·[ (SIL) ]·._.·´¯)
20 November 2010 @ 11:39 pm

I looked in the mirror this morning and I see me. I have got wrinkles around my eyes and gray hair. My eye sight remain good in spite of my profession. Healthy heart beat from the last cardio. Facial hair is now tough to maintain. Thanks to Gillette. I think I have cleaned up good. lol...

Age is just a number my good friend Anita once said it to me ! And today I reach the dreaded thirty. If you are Indian you know what I mean. Why don't you settle many ask me nowadays… But I refuse to settle . I'm a rebel to the those who think, you have to do certain things at certain age.

If you are reading this, you are one of my friend, a co-worker, my family, a random stranger I met or we haven't met yet. Today I stand because of you. Because of your patience with me. You have a great role in sculpting me, chip by chip. So thank you, for all those wonderful human beings, to have put up with me with all the patience and it has been and it will be a pleasure to share this life with you, my friends.

A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step. And I have lost count of my steps. Its a long journey, no wonder why my feet looks funny :) There were doors I walked out of and there were doors where I walked right in. Rules which were broken and rules which I have made.

The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. And I fit right in the middle now. I have been a proud son to the wonderful woman in the world. A brothers keeper. And a good friend for those who were close to me. And when I fired my inline six, I know, my dad would be cheering me with his heaven mates saying "That's my son"

I took baby steps to reach here. I would rather be here than anywhere else.

So here's to me. Here's to you and here's to us.
(¯`·._.·[ (SIL) ]·._.·´¯)
18 September 2010 @ 10:49 am
I bought a DJ gear recently. A Numark Omni Control and have been learning to mix Trance, Break beat and House. Here's the first one from yours truly.

Let me know what you think. If you want a copy of this set let me know :) I love you all !!!!!!

Ahimsa by cyberscorpion
Current Music: Ahmisa
(¯`·._.·[ (SIL) ]·._.·´¯)
01 September 2010 @ 10:09 pm

I watched "Eat, Pray, Love" ! Like Liz, don't we all sail in the same boat ? How many times I would have thought to just get over with work and pack my bags one day and explore with my camera. An effort to document my life and life has to offer me. I wanted to live in shacks, like a simple man, with dreams to write and wonder at things I have never seen. I wanted to live life, far from these high tech jargon !

I wanted to live life like a two year old, wondering at simple things which I now take it for granted. 

Then I thought, why not spend one day in my week and may be, try to live like that. Why not spend a day with no plans, like, take a bus and get down at some place random. Talk to strangers and learn something new. Walk, hike and do something which makes me happy. Or just plain people watching. Or Document my travel and create a photo log.

So I sat by the coffee shop which is frequented my tourists in San Francisco. I sipped my coffee and I just watched people around. And then I noticed an old man in his sixties feeding doves. He bought a bagel and broke into small chunks of bread, and started feeding doves. He was shooing away all the doves except one. And I keep thinking, what did the other bird do to him ? So out of curiosity I just watched him feed the dove. 

Later he walked to me, and asked me to feed the doves as he had to leave. And he told me to feed one specific dove. I asked him "Why?". "Well, that dove doesn't have a leg" he answered. Why did I not see that ? I asked myself. And for the next five minutes I fed the dove with the broken leg and kept thinking to myself, Why did I not see what he saw. I finished feeding the doves and once they have had their meal they flew away.

I went back to my chair and realized that humanity is still alive. People are good and compasionate. They notice things which I don't notice. And then came a homeless man, and I gave the rest of the bagel to him. The next time I go to the coffee shop, I will feed the doves, in a hope to meet the one legged dove again. May be I'll inspire the other person to feed the needy. And I realized, how this simple act of compassion can make ones day. A story to tell, a post to write.

 And in my opinion, I think, that, I can still be here, and can discover things, if I put an effort to notice things just like the old man did. And by doing that, I can make my mundane life interesting. I can be happy by doing simple things in life. I can be content by helping the needy.


 And in their smile, I'll see god...

(¯`·._.·[ (SIL) ]·._.·´¯)
05 May 2010 @ 09:54 am

I happened to listen to this song this morning. Its called "Oru deivam thantha poove" from kannathil muthamittal. I got goose bumps just listening to this song and the lyrics. Vairamuthu at his poetical best... A great song to start the day...

"Enadhu sondham nee, yenadhu pagaiyum nee
Kadhal malarum nee karuvil muLLum nee
Chella mazhaiyum nee, chinna idiyum nee
PiRandha udalum nee, piriyum uyirum nee
MaraNam meenda jananam nee"

And I got the translation from the web and here it goes,

"You are my kin, you are my foe
You are the flower of love, you are the thorn in womb
You are the cherished rain, you are the small thunderclap
You are the new-born body, you are the life that is leaving
You are the Birth born from Death"

Oru dheyivam thandha poovae
KaNNil thedal enna thaayae
Vazhvu thodangum idam needhaanae ..
Vaanam mudiyumidam needhaanae
Kaatrai poala nee vandhayae
Swasamaga nee nindrayae
Maarbil oorum uyirae ...

Current Location: San Francisco
(¯`·._.·[ (SIL) ]·._.·´¯)
This morning I got an e-mail from my employer to carry my Indian Passport, my ID, and my Work Visa papers with me, if I were to go to Arizona. Everyone knows by now, hopefully, about the passage of Arizona's SB1070.

I, for those who don't know, am a legal immigrant, in the United States to work until my Visa expires. First of all, I wasn't desperate to come to America. Work forced me to be here for six months and I thought, well, why not travel and explore a bit of America. But then the project got extended and extended for years and I thought, may be it’s not a bad idea to find a job here and work till my VISA expires. I made friends here, I met a lot of interesting people and I haven’t gone home since then.

A part of me wants me to go back, settle down and lead a quiet life with my family and friends around. But the other ‘rebel’ part of me, doesn’t want to settle. It wants to explore, it just wants to take the road less travelled and doesn’t want to succumb to pressures posed by my society. It just wants to be a free spirit. I, for some reason, don’t associate myself to a single group. I step back and look at both the sides and question myself to find what is right and what is wrong. Many a times, my decisions were right and so many a times, I have made wrong decisions. I learn from it and move on. A sculpture is just a rock, if it’s not beaten. At the end of the day, I want to be a sculpture, not rubble of stones. I want scars!

I’m a mere spectator of how my life unfolds.

Photography helps me to be that. A mere spectator! And last Saturday, I was a mere spectator at the City Hall, San Francisco. I have witnessed many rallies there. All I do is, get my coffee at the nearest Starbucks and my camera and sit under a tree and watch. And last week, I was lucky enough to watch the rally against the passage of SB 1070 law in Arizona.

SB 1070 is a new law recently passed by the State Legislature of Arizona that makes it a misdemeanor for foreign nationals to lack proper immigration papers. And that’s why employer wants me to carry my papers if I step in to Arizona.

There were thousands of people in the protest, mostly, South Americans, holding posters of Che Guevara and slogans on racism. Luckily I had my camera and I started shooting with a prime 50mm. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my wide angle at that time. I never knew about the rally first of all.

The interesting part of this protest was, there were people on both the sides. There were people who support Arizona’s SB 1070 law and there were people who oppose it. And I was in the middle watching this unfold. It was a silent protest in the beginning and as more and more people started gathering, it became out of control. People from the both sides started marching towards each other, shouting slogans against each other. It could have become a riot, but the cops had to intervene and stop it. And I was in the middle, with my camera, wondering, why, what, how, when? I don’t understand Spanish and I certainly don’t understand the tea baggers!

I’m a kid lost in the crowd.

It’s not easy to protect the American border. And it’s certainly not easy to stop someone who would defy death, cross the border, for his/her survival and his/her family.

And a reporter asked me for her online magazine, what I thought of this protest and here are some answers from me for her questions.

Do you think, Illegal immigrants as a threat ?

Who is not a threat here? I’m scared to walk in the streets of San Francisco, not because of an illegal immigrant being a threat to me, but because of the drunken citizens and people high on drugs. I’m scared of people who have guns! And I find it a bigger threat for me, my friends and my family here in the US, than an illegal immigrant. No and I don’t posses a gun.

Illegal immigrants take away our jobs. Right ?

No, they don’t. How can you compare yourself with them? You have an upper hand in many ways, language, and education to name some. They do those jobs, which you hesitate to take up. This is 2010 and we have to compete. It’s global and not local anymore. It’s time to compete. Wake up, brother!

SB 1070 coming from Arizona is heart breaking. Arizona, a Sanctuary City, is the first to reap the benefits from Mexico. Since NAFTA was enacted in 1994, Arizona has added a net 700,000 new jobs and real wages have risen. The state's unemployment rate today is lower than it was before NAFTA. About 25,000 mostly well-paying jobs in Arizona are directly tied to exports to Mexico and Canada, and thousands more jobs in transportation, banking, and finance are indirectly connected.

Why not America follow Dubai, when it comes to low wage laborers? Why can’t they have a Worker Visa system for low wage laborers? Give them duration to work legally here, and when it expires, let them go back. If they don’t, deport them. It is fair in this case. The workers don’t get exploited, like the way they are now. It is successful in United Arab Emirates, why not follow them. Yes, there are drawbacks in that system, but, we can modify to suit our needs, right?

I hope there will be a fair system in place, in which, both the sides gets benefit ! After all, no human, is illegal and by the way, imposing SB 1070 on people of Mexico, after reaping a lot of benefits through NAFTA, is not fair, Arizona.

Reporting live from San Francisco,
for my inner self,
this is ,
Silvester Divas